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DRUM SECTION The band's drum section is in black livery to tie in with the uniform colours of black, red and gold. Each side drum proudly bears the band crest and a gold lanyard to match the band uniform. The Andante Reactor snare drums deliver a very clean, crisp note which adds to the band's distinctive sound on the road. The Bass Drum is from Drum Sounds in Sandy Row and bears the distinctive Star Band skins, proudly declaring our Liverpool roots.
MUSICAL SECTION The band mainly uses instruments built by Wheatstone in both McCann Duet and 30 Key Anglo variants. Others built by Lachenal play just as well. All of the concertinas retain their serial number and through archive research can be traced back to the very early 1900's. Using both models, a more blended sound is achieved with the articulation and smoothness of the McCann Duet providing a dominant and consistent sound layer over which the higher octave range of the Anglo can be heard.
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